Verdus Piaffe EVO Boot set, size small

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Verdus Piaffe EVO Boot set, size small

Size: Small

Condition: Minimal

Retail Price: $200 Front, $129 back 

Description: The Veredus research department, with the technical support and expertise of international champions, has created Piaffe Revo Evo tendon boot, a dressage cannon bone protector offering a perfect combination of functionality and design elements in a winning mix of technology and elegance.

 • Form-fitting shell that guarantees maximum comfort and perfect positioning of the tendon boot on the horse’s leg.

• “X” extra protection in the rear part of the tendon boot covered with EVA foam padding, which ensures maximum protection for the flexor tendon, an area particularly exposed to injuries and bruising.

 • The shock-absorbing action of the EVA foam reduces the transmission of knocks and impacts by 40%.

• Breathable microperforated neoprene (Aerox) that guarantees perfect transpiration of the leg, thereby reducing overheating of the tendon system.

• Innovative quick-release fastening with elastic straps hooked to the rigid shell, which ensures outstanding stability and optimum positioning of the tendon boot on the horse’s leg.

• Fasteners in non-deformable FLEXTAN with stainless steel hooking for very quick fastening/release using even just one hand. The hooking holes have a constriction that guarantees maximum anchoring safety, preventing the possibility of accidental release during work-outs or competition.



$ 150.00