Samshield XC Helmet


Samshield XC Helmet


Innovative safety and design are the hallmarks of Samshield's XC-J Helmet, a cross country and jumping helmet for men and women who want to ride with comfort, style, and utmost safety. The outer shell is pure carbon fiber, a composite with incredible strength and light weight. Inner polystyrene shell absorbs and dissipates impact before it can reach your head. The XC- J visor is flexible, coated in leather, and slightly longer than that of the XC Samshield Helmet.

You'll get an incredibly comfortable fit with the memory foam liner that shapes to your head without pressure points. No headaches, no hair net indentations! Liner unclips so you can wash it, keeping your helmet fresh and clean. Air flows through the helmet from two front air inlets under the S emblem, cooling your head as air is channeled out the back. No overt air vents to mar the modern design. 

With sleek styling and technology borrowed from motorcycle helmets, Samshield is clean and contemporary. It also is incredibly protective, meeting exacting standards of safety in the US and Europe. Get your Samshield XC-J Helmet today and feel confident you're wearing top-of-the-line protection while you ride and compete.


Available in: Black & Blue

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$ 798.00