Mrs. Conn's Soap Infused Bath Sponges

Mrs. Conn's

Mrs. Conn's Soap Infused Bath Sponges
All natural shampoo-filled sponges available in five unique formulas made specifically to pamper your horse while addressing a variety of common equine skin and coat conditions.
  • Pre-loaded with shampoo so you don't have to bother with lugging around messy bottles, sloppy buckets or musty sponges 
  • Water activated so all you do is wet your horse and start to scrub 
  • Formulated specifically for delicate equine skin and infused with special botanicals to meet the needs of all types of skin and coat: 
    • Oatmeal - Soothing with Colloidal Oatmeal.  Calms itchy, sensitive skin - a great antidote to seasonal itchies!
    • Fruit Smoothie - shelters and relieves stressed skin and coat with Watermelon Extract.  Perfect for treating your horse to a post-show spa day. 
    • Herbal Tea- Green Tea Extract and Tea Tree Oil provide all over healing and protection.  Ideal for problem areas.
    • Lemon Meringue - with Bamboo Extract to smooth and shine.  Just right for pre-show prep.
    • Desert Quencher - Powerful healing with Chaparral and Sage.  A great remedy for especially hard to treat skin problems.
  • Natural, reusable and compostable!
$ 10.00