Mandtis Starter Spur Set Box


Mandtis Starter Spur Set Box

The Mandtis Starter Spur Set Box will likely become the last Spurs you will buy. With magnetic interchangeable tips, these spurs are the most complete set of spurs you will ever need.

The tips attach to the Spur via a magnetic system. The spur tips lock into the back of the Spur. When needed, the tips can easily be exchanged. This comes in especially handy when switching from one horse to another. Forget the old routine of removing your existing spurs. Now, you can simply switch the tips without removing the spurs off your boots.

The Mandtis Spur Tips Box is Made In France of high-grade light weight aluminium.

What Is In The Box:

  • 2 Spurs bases
  • 2 Ball End tips 15mm
  • 2 Prince of Wales tips 20mm
  • 1 Storage Case


$ 100.00