Say No To Wrinkles: An Equestrian's Guide For Sun Protection

February 09, 2016 Alexa Skonieczny

In a sport where we are constantly outside, it is SO important to protect yourself from the sun. I know you may not think of it as a big deal now, but trust me... the older you get the more you will care. (Side note: If you want to look like a piece of beef jerky/ old leather I wouldn't recommend wasting your time reading the rest of this)

My Favorite Sunscreen: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30, I love this because its so light and non greasy! I actually use this every single day when I wake up no matter the weather, its always better to be protected. It also makes a great base if you are wearing some face make up too!

Favorite Tinted SPF: MAC 'Lightful C' Tinted Cream SPF 30 with radiance booster. I also use this everyday over my sunscreen, its so light ! (say no to a cake face) and I love the added SPF in it, it also makes your entire complexion bright and happy

Helmet Visors: Yes I know these are a little dorky but what's not dorky, you protecting your pretty face from the harsh UV Rays! I would 100% rather wear a visor everytime I ride than risk a wrinkled face or even worse, skin cancer! Love our SOL LESS Visor, its light, UV protected and doesn't block your side vision while riding. Or if you wear a Samshield the Samshield Polo Visor is a fantastic semi permanent option (I never take mine off)

Sun Shirts: I live in long sleeve shirts, partially because I'm not a fan of the farmer tan look. My go to shirt is the EIS cool shirt, or Sport Horse LifeStyle Costa Sun Shirt. These are both my favorites because of the half zip which provides full neck protection as well. Shop them both here.

Gloves: I hate riding in gloves, they are very restricting to me. Up until recently I never rode in them but then began to realize what a beating your hands take as a rider, they are absorbing all of the direct sunlight your entire lesson, and like most people I never sunscreen the top of my hands. I've been concerned what my hands may look like as a age so I started wearing the Heritage Ultralight gloves, they are airy and breathable but still provide complete protection from the sun.